Who sings the Veronica Mars theme song?
In what city does Veronica Mars take place?
What is the name of Veronica Mars Dog?
What is Weevil’s real name?
Wallace is the school star in what sport?
During the pilot what does Veronica say her favorite movie is?
How much money does Logan Echolls father make per movie he’s in?
Finish this statement, “Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she's a ___________”
What did Sherrif Lamb tell Wallace to do in the pilot episode?
When she was young Veronica wanted to marry:
Throughout the series Veronica is obsessed with what fictional animal:
What two characters are the only ones to appear in every episode of Veronica Mars?
At Who’s house was the party where Veronica Mars was drugged?
What year did Veronica Mars premiere?
What is Piz’s real name?
What is the name of the fraternity that Veronica is at odds with?
What country did Veronica and Mac pick for the “Around The World Party?”
What kind of cookies did Veronica make for Wallace’s basketball game?
Which actor played two different characters during the run of Veronica Mars?
During the course of the series Logan drives a:
What was Veronica Mars Score on the Purity Test in season 1?
What is the telephone number for Kane Software?
On what day of Keith Mars “Page A Day Calendar” is the combination of his safe written on?
Logan is allergic to:
What is the age difference between Veronica and Deputy Leo?
What is the name of the Neptune High secret society?
What number was Keith Mars book on the New York Times best seller list?
What was Veronica Mars old email password?
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You took a trip to the dentist!
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You know your stuff!
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